Celebrating Ancestor Chung-Sheung’s (寶誕) 1017th Birthday Anniversary

The Yee Fung Toy Society of Calgary celebrated the life and times of ancestor Ancestor Chung-Sheung’s (寶誕) 1017th Birthday Anniversary on Sunday October 15, the ceremony began at 11:30am. Food offerings included roast pig, chicken and wine was placed in front of the ancestor Yee Jing Altar. Thank-you to the several members that also prepared food for the luncheon that was held at YFT Calgary building located at 202B Centre St. S.  President Jack Yee emceed the ceremony.

We all paid our respect to our ancestor with the offerings and bowed three times. After the ceremony, everyone enjoyed the delicious lunch that was prepared for the occasion.

A brief  history of the anniversary has been provided by the YFT Vancouver website and is described as:

Yee Jing (1000—1064), a native of the Shao Zhou Qu Jiang Xian (in present day Guangdong Province), lived in the North Sung Dynasty. His other names are Xi-Gu, On-Dao and Moh-kai. When he was young, he was taught to read by his maternal uncle, Wong Jing, an imperial advanced scholar. Clever and with an extraordinary memory, he achieved great academic progress later when he followed Teacher Lam Wo-Jing. At age of twenty-five, Revered Yee-Jing passed an imperial examination and became an imperial advanced scholar. He was then commissioned to a number of important civil and military positions in the government, with the last position as high-ranking official in the imperial court, where he received decorations bestowed by the Emperor, in the first year of the Peaceful Reign period of the Ying Chung Emperor of the North Sung Dynasty, Revered Yee Jing went up to the Capital City for consultations by way of Nanjing. He became seriously ill after catching a cold; he later died at the age of 65.

Ying Chung Emperor grieved on hearing the sad news, discontinued court attendance one day, honored him with a high-ranking posthumous title, and gave him a posthumous name “Sheung” -respectfully referred to as Chung-Sheung (meaning faithfully assisting) by later generations. Revered Yee Jing’s wife, Mrs. Yee Nee Lam, gave birth to three sons (Bok-jong, Jung-suen, and Sook-ying) and six daughters.

Posted by Jeffrey Yee